Concrete Edge Trim Shuttering

This acts as permanent formwork to the edge of the slab when pouring concrete in-situ on to the metal deck floors. It is also widely used on projects with pre cast concrete planks. It is fixed to the supports in the same manner as the metal deck and the upper part of the Edge Trim is restrained by straps at 600mm – 1000mm, depending on slab depth and overhang.

Using state of the art manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer every type of edge trim and thickness that you may require. From 0.7mm to 2mm thick and from 100mm height to 600mm height.

Concrete Edge Trim Shuttering 1
Concrete Edge Trim Shuttering 2


We also manufacture all types of galvanised steel angles, flat plate for steel decking profiles, closure plates for steel decking profiles and end caps for steel decking profiles such as MF60, E60, TR60, CF60, MD60, MF80, Ribdeck 80, CF80 and MD80.

Full technical back up is always on hand by one of sales team. Please forward any edge trim details you may have on any drawings across to us and we’ll calculate the edge trim shuttering you need.

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