Shear Stud Welding to Sheet Piles

When reinforcement is required to be welded to sheet piles, the most common technique for this is to weld shear studs to the sides of the sheet piles.

Shear Studs are often welded to the sides of the sheet piles in a grid pattern. This creates a positive bond between the sheet pile itself and the concrete.

With our mobile stud welding rigs, SWUK have the availability to attend sheet piling projects all over the UK. We also have the capacity to weld between 400-750 shear studs per day due to our high quality equipment and experienced operatives.

SWUK can weld a variety of shear studs to sheet piles. This includes the often specified M16x100 and M19x100 shear studs.

Shear Stud Welding To Sheet Piles

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