Shear Stud Welding to Metal Decking

The Longitudinal shear connection between the steel section and the concrete is provided by shear connectors, which normally take the form of shear studs welded to the top flange of the steel section through the metal deck. These are used to achieve a composite action between the concrete slab and the steel beam. The process also welds the shear stud, metal deck and steel section efficiently together in one single operation.

Magnelis Steel Decking


Additional Options

The most common required size of shear stud welded ‘thru deck’ is the 19×95 LAW Shear Stud. This is used on many decking profiles such as Holorib, MF55, R51, Comflor 51, MD50, Ribdeck E60, MF60, TR60, Comflor 60 and MD60.

The second most common Shear Stud welded ‘thru deck’ is the 19×120 LAW Shear Stud. This is often used on profiles such as MF80, MD80, Ribdeck 80, TR80 and Comflor 80.

We have a fleet of purpose build stud welding rigs and a team of directly employed experienced operatives to carry out all our stud welding therefore ensuring the highest standard of on site stud welding and to any of the above profiles of metal decking.

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