Metfloor 80 Steel Decking

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With the launch of the entire CMF MetFloor range, solutions to composite flooring just got better. MetFloor® 80 has exceptional spanning capabilities and reduced concrete usage. The result – a highly cost-effective, attractive, and easy-to-install floor solution. It’s highly developed product range has been created with over 30 years experience in the composite metal flooring market.

MetFloor® 80 also provides great acoustic performance it is engineered with optional closed ends – and excellent fire protection, with no need for filler blocks. The profile is designed with trough stiffeners and side laps positioned to guarantee centrally placed shear studs. And with a cover width at just 600mm, the lightweight, easy-to-handle MetFloor® 80 sheets ensure safer on-site working conditions.

Long-Span Capability

The smarter profile designs of MetFloor® 80 delivers exceptional unpropped spanning capability, helping to reduce structural steel requirements and costs.

Less Concrete Usage

As it needs less concrete volume for any slab depth, MetFloor® 80 delivers a more substantial solution and helps reduces costs too.

Enhanced Shear-Stud Integration

Enhanced design profile guarantees central shear-stud positioning to optimise composite action, so reducing the need for on-site checking.

Excellent Acoustic and Fire Performance

Manufactured with closed ends to give exceptional fire protection and acoustic performance, while simplifying installation.

Safer Manual Handling

With a cover width of 600MM sheets are lightweight, making them safer and easier to handle.

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